Two more prints…

When I was preparing for my Lawndale Show this spring, I’d made 14 prints, but only ended up hanging 12—last minute editing as we were hanging the show, determining what fit, and what didn’t. (The new ones are stills from Last Man Standing and the Mick Jagger film, Performance.)

Well, those two unseen prints will see the light of day at the Lawndale after all! Both were selected to be part of The Big Show, up from July 9th to August 7th. (Although if you can’t see them in person, here they are…)
Last Man Standing Performance

The stats:

  • 976 submissions by 396 artists
  • 114 works by 86 artists were selected
  • Guest Juror Paul Middendorf, Co-Director of galleryHOMELAND in Portland, Oregon

I think this was maybe the 3rd time I’d submitted for The Big Show, but the first time I got chosen. Happy to be back at the Lawndale. They’re a good bunch.

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