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Two more prints…

When I was preparing for my Lawndale Show this spring, I’d made 14 prints, but only ended up hanging 12—last minute editing as we were hanging the show, determining what fit, and what didn’t. (The new ones are stills from … Continue reading

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Musings on a media

I was checking out the blog of Casey Reas, one of the Processing creators, and it turns out that he used to work with a friend of mine from high school. That’s either a really cool small-worldism, or really depressing … Continue reading

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“Sound comes to us over time. You don’t get a snapshot of sound. Therefore, what you notice with sound, the essential building block, is change.” — Gary Rydstrom, Oscar winning sound designer for Saving Private Ryan, Titanic, Jurassic Park and Terminator 2: … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Projection

Walls are perfect objects to play things on, scenes which join together the sense of ‘beyond’ and the sense of confinement. —Cyclonopedia: complicity with anonymous materials, Reza Negarestani

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Similar Artists

Of course, no art takes place in a vacuum. I was inspired to write my code after seeing Salavon. I think conceptually my work differs from his because I’m really more interested in the temporal nature of movies. Since creating … Continue reading

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Long time, no update

At a lull between mad rushes now. The show opened at the Lawndale to great success. It will remain up until April 17, for those who haven’t caught it yet. Also, last week, I participated in the FotoFest Meeting Place … Continue reading

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A season of compromise has begun— Last night my daughter asked me why I wasn’t home for dinner. I tried to explain it was because I had a late class at school. Today I’m missing work to be part of … Continue reading

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Dirty Secrets from the Cataract Cinema

A selection of my movie stills will be on exhibit at the Lawndale Art Center, opening March 12th as part of the FotoFest biennial. Details to follow…

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